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Friday, May 20, 2011

PlanetPTC Live - What's on Your Agenda?

Ah, spring. When a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Or, around these parts, when a million straight days of April showers turn into tornadoes and golf ball sized hail... So that's why I'm currently fantasizing about warmer weather, drier air, and oh right - educational content, networking opportunities, and the latest and greatest on PTC products presented by users, partners, and experts.

Of course, I'm referring to PlanetPTC Live, one of my favorite annual events, in case you missed my recap from last year. This year a few things are different - including a splashy new name - but my expectations are just as high. And did I mention it was in Vegas, people? Ah Las Vegas, where my obnoxious, off-key singing can realize it's full karaoke potential. But - ehem - back to the event.

One of the event's highlights, as always, are the product roadmap and update sessions, which this year include a presentation from David Blair on the latest in Windchill SocialLink (and our favorite topic, Social Product Development). David is also presenting a session on Leveraging your SharePoint Infrastructure for Product Development...if you drop in, you'll likely find me camped out in the back row for that one as well. Want to hear the rest of my session agenda? Feel free to ask!/edaly8198).

I'm also very excited for the keynotes, featuring some of the best and brightest from PTC, our partners, and our customers. Not the least of which is Wednesday's keynote from my friends at Microsoft (our Global Platinum event sponsor), given by the always gracious and well-spoken Çağlayan Arkan, Worldwide General Manager, Manufacturing and Resources Sector, Enterprise & Partner Group. If you pick up a copy of Prime magazine at the show, and aren't totally dazzled by a very, very cool cover story (hint, hint), you will see Çağlayan's smiling face on the first page. He'll also be joined on stage by Stephen Pickett, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Penske Corporation...which means there may be some race car talk, my eager friends.

Last but not least, I'm looking forward to meeting some of my "virtual" colleagues, acquaintances, and friends - in person. And of course, catching up with the folks I do see in person (although some of them not nearly enough) in a new venue, with plenty of potential for embarrassment (did I mention the karaoke?).

But I won't give too much away. You'll just have to join me at the event to find out more.

Are you going? What's at the top of your "things to see" list?

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