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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Introduction to Windchill SocialLink

Why am I starting to feel like the only blogger without a video? I mean, assuming, of course, that the PTCUser afterparty footage - complete with my singing - hasn't surfaced. In lieu of that, I wanted to share with you a very exciting new production from the PTC Studio - an introduction to Windchill SocialLink. The clip features our resident expert, David Blair, VP of Product Management, who'll you recognize from his previous video blogs. Besides looking dashing, David provides an overview of this newest solution for real-time collaboration throughout the product development process, including some shots of the product in action (which also looks pretty dashing). In my opinion, some very, very exciting stuff.

We'll try to catch up with David in the next few weeks to get some additional words from him about the release - any questions you'd like him to answer?

The original post has an embedded video. Can't see it? Pop out and go here.
You can also learn more on

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