Social Product Development

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Social Product Development: A Home Team Advantage

The soccer World Cup - often dubbed "the greatest show on earth" kicks off this weekend, and as a Brit living in the USA I’m preparing for two challenges. The first will be keeping up with the events as they happen in South Africa. Soccer is not exactly a headline sport here in the US, you may have noticed. The second will be preparing for the roller coaster of emotions that are unavoidable for any England supporter; 90 minutes of hope, despair, joy and disappointment in any game.

What’s interesting about this year, though, is that the first challenge is easier to overcome than any other world cup I’ve seen. Here’s why; I’ll keep up with the scores and headlines in the same way I keep up with my colleagues, industry headlines, my hobbies, and the news in general – through social media. Every goal, every foul, every full time whistle will be instantly followed by thousands of tweets and profile updates. The FIFA fan page I subscribe to on Facebook will provide me with a constant feed, wherever I happen to be.

The point, of course, is that social media is (or could be) playing a part in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s providing my much-need soccer fix during the world cup, or helping engineers and teams keep up with latest technologies and project updates. At PTC, we’ve seen this coming for a while and have been working hard to incorporate web 2.0 tools in Pro/ENGINEER and core software products - you *may* have heard us talk about this "social product development" stuff.

If you happen to be in Florida for PTC User, get your game card and come see firsthand what these tools are and how you can use them. Visit us on the Pro/E booths. Tell us your story, try out the newest Pro/E capabilities for social product development, and learn about PTC’s brand new customer community – PlanetPTC Community.

But, most important, give me your prediction for June 12, when England meets the USA in Rustenburg. I’m thinking a solid 3-0 to the Lions. Am I wrong?