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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My PTCUser Recap: Social, socials, and a little bit of singing

Whew – well, I feel like I’m finally recovering from my first PTCUser. If you’ve ever spent five days in high heels you might commiserate. Actually, despite the physical exhaustion of it all, the event was pretty invigorating – there’s just something catching about excitement.

One of the highlights of the event for me was actually meeting a lot of the folks I’ve worked with for the past four years – in person for the first time. Some were my PTC colleagues (including a wonderfully patient Canadian VP who suffered through more than a few of my off-key renditions of “Savez-vous planter les choux”). Others were analysts, bloggers, partners, and customers who I’ve had the pleasure of working with across time zones and weather patterns, but just haven’t had the chance to meet face to face. Those meetings certainly reinforced for me how important social collaboration is for business today – I already knew the people whose hands I shook, since we so regularly interact through various web 2.0 methods. In fact, I even recognized most of them, thanks to videos, blogs, LinkedIn pages, and tweets featuring our smiling mugs. Jim Brown, you’re much taller in person.

Of course, my focus at PTCUser was on our announcement of PTC’s four solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – Windchill PPMLink, Windchill Web Parts for SharePoint, Windchill SocialLink, and Windchill ProductPoint. With all this talk about social computing and product development, it’s exciting to see all of the new and innovative ways that our product teams are putting it into action. In fact, I don’t think I could have summed it up better than my very enthusiastic new friend here, who I met in the hallways after a session:

(The original post has an embedded movie. Can't see it? Pop out and go here.)

Did you catch the “social” up there in that listing of product names? Obviously, we think that’s going to be a big one for Social Product Development. It certainly got a few folks buzzing…including Desktop Engineering’s Kenneth Wong and Tech-Clarity’s Brown. I told you it was exciting, right?

In any case, there will be a few more updates over the coming weeks recapping our experiences at PTCUser…but in the meantime, I lied about that recovery, so I’m signing off. I still feel a bit like I’ve been hit by…um…Lightning.

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