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Friday, July 10, 2009

Demonstrating Social Product Development

Here comes yet another day, and with it, another blog. This time though, the idea is to show you how a social product development approach might look in practice by way of a short video. If a picture says a thousand words, I’m hoping this 3 minute video counts as much as a riveting 5 page whitepaper.

So, I’ll limit this text to a short introduction. Imagine that Chris, a design engineer, is working on implementing a change to a CAD engine assembly. This video explores 3 simple scenarios that Chris might experience as part of his daily work activities.

1. Chris communicates with another engineer regarding the timing of each one making changes to specific CAD models in session

2. Chris uses a wiki to capture some specialty design knowledge and modeling techniques he used on a particular design

3. Chris invokes a collaborative workspace from with the CAD system as a way to enlist the expertise of a small team of designers to help him make a change

We’re just scratching the surface of use cases here; there are limitless other possibilities. But let’s hear from you. How might you imagine participating in social product development?

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  1. I'm trying really hard not to follow my "this is the dumbest idea that PTC has ever pursued" knee jerk reaction.....but it's getting very hard. The things they are proposing to use this tool for can be done in 1/2 the time with a 1 minute meeting in my cubicle. It's a solution in search of a problem